Friday, July 29, 2011

5-Day-Swag featuring Chomy. A

Before i introduce this weeks 5-Day-Swag i just want to let everyone know that this feature is for everybody so if you think you or any of your friends have style that need to be shared with our readers, do not hesitate to email us pictures on its that simple...This weeks 5-Day-Swag is Chomy from "the culuture cynic" who also owns a vintage online store which is absoultely amazing see for yourself:

" With this look,  it is all about the wrapping technique. because the fabric of this scarf is very light, you can tie and wrap it without creating excessive bulk. Like the rest of these, the belt does an excellent job of holding this in place. I wrapped the scarf around my waist, to get the asymmetrical/slanted bottom, i tucked the extra long ends into the belt. no pins or sewing required. Just make sure the belt is tight and remains secure. Too much shifting will compromise the shape, you want one that sits at your natural waist and one that will stay put. with the 'right' belt, there really will be no need to sew or pin into place. For the most part, i prefer 'faux' /temporary DIY because i need to be able to reuse a piece/garment for other projects. With such flexibility, the potential of a particular piece will be endless."
"Obviously there is a nature/animal theme going on here. The shoes are Nine West and was a birthday gift from 3 years ago from the lover. They are actually a deep dark chocolate although they appear black in these pics. My sheer blouse (one of many) was a secondhand find and the abstract plant motif blended well with the ensemble. A few pops of colour here and there elevates the look from just a neutral blend of browns and black to something fun and 'unserious'."

I love the colour-blocking on her and that Blazer is screaming to be in my closet. 
Pink Blazer, Blouse and Trousers - Vintage, Leopard Print peep-toe pumps - Nine West

Wearing three different shades of blue can be very tricky but it doesnt mean that you feeling blue lol i love the double breasted blazer and adding that touch of grey and black in it just to balance the outfit.Yet again all items are vintage, Shoes - Nine West

Blazer and Bag - Vintage, Dress and Shoes - Forever21
I just luuurrrvvveee the how HAUTE are they?? i can see myself wearing that blazer, i think i need to start getting into this vintage shopping thing, seems like there are soo many great finds.

Blazer - Vintage and Dress by Forever 21, Shoes -Old but they still kicking it

The way i CAN NOT get over all these Blazers/Jackets...WOW #iDie for all of them
*Pictures credit:*

Yolandy :)
Enjoy the weekend

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Round it up

Summer is just around the corner *does the dougie* i honestly can not wait. One of Summer's must-have  items are obviously sunglasses duurrr and theres is a new trend.." a la Lennons" Round shaped sunglasses bringing back the 70s Retro era. Johan Lennon wore them back in the 70s and now they back with a bang!!
Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Nicole Ritchie, Oslen Twins and many more have been on this trend, i absolutely love them especially the two-toned Channel pair but i have a round shaped face so staying away from them would be best for me lol.
You can get a pair from Sunglasses Hut, your YDE's or even Mr Price and when you do please tweetpic lol
Lady Gaga
Mary-Kate Oslen

Whitney Port

The Oslen Twins
Not sure how to wear the round sunglasses...below is an outfit inspiration

Yolandy ; - )

Friday, July 22, 2011

5-Day-Swag featuring Zeenhle

Hey friends, hope ya'll are best... Our fashionista for this week is Zeenhle. Yellowbone-fineness!!!She's a 23 year old IT graduate, she's also got a company that deals with Water services project, AND a part time service provider and project facilitator at the municipality of ekurhuleni.

In her own words, " I might be an IT "nerd" but I LIVE fashion. I believe a GOOD fashion is a good accessory for SUCCESS lol. I've got a big fetish for bags especially, LOVE LOVE LOVE em"

Ima let her take us through her swag.... #Leeekkkkkkkkoo

"The high-waist sermon pants
Shirt mr price, short by MTC by the lovely Mpho Malaka. These shorts are just too STANDARD, first time I saw them first thing that came to mind was that Kelly Rowland's 'what a feeling' vid COLOURFUL and FAB"

 "This gorgeous velvet red dress is also an MTC creation by Mpho Malaka... Watch out for this girl, she's coming in with purple FLAMES"

Top Forever new, Jeans Foschini, I teamed up with neon Pink wedges from Aldo and added a young fanny pack for more 'drama'

Red cardigan by Mpho Malaka, Black high-waist carrot pants MSC boutique, top was a swimsuit *hides*

 I love this outfit. Took me a few minutes to put it together LOL for a one of those TZ nights out *hides*
Shirt from Edgars, skirt and Belt  YDE. Gold and black gladiator heels from Zoom. And my most favouritest bag from ALDO" 

*All pictures from Zeenhle

Thank you Zeenhle for everything honey...MWAH!
Melody Motha

Monday, July 18, 2011

My Winter Shoe Game

I know its kinda late for the Winter Boots post but who cares, they are still cold fronts approaching..well i think and guess what??  I will be ready *evil laugh* Anyway here are my *TOP 5 BOOTS* in my shoe closet:

                                                                          NUMBER 5:

My flat black knee-highs that i bought at Aldo are on the verge on running away because i have been wearing them alot, i actually feel sorry for them, they must be tired, they are sooo worn out shame but i still love them.

          Number 4 :

These nude suede ankle boots i bought at Castello on sale about two years ago and they still look brand new and  extremly could run in them, yeah i have done that *hides* I wear them with basically everything cause the colour allows it but they get dirty too quickly aaarggh.

                                                                            NUMBER 3:

These maroon suede peep-toe boots are from Castello and i wear these all year long..the peep-toe makes it soo easier to also wear whenever but obviously not when its blazing favourite way to wear them are with cut-off denims but iv retired that look by now.

                                                                      NUMBER 2:

I can not get over my black thigh-high leather boots bought at Castello, i do not wear them that much but i totally love them and i wear them with everything from jeans, leggings you name can NEVER go wrong with Black boots and it should be a key stable item in your winter wardrobe they just complete the outfit.

                                                                      NUMBER 1:

These are totally my FAVE boots..eish and the way these pictures are not doing justice to them...i swear they are HOTT..yet another pair from Castello i should be having shares by now with all the Castello shoes i have..anyway its actually going to be sad when i have to pack them away since Spring is approaching...i love the fact that they are super high and i tower over everyone when i wear..ok not everyone but some people.

So those were my TOP 5 Winter Boots that kept me warm during those unbearable cold days and nights and its about that time where i have to pack them away till we meet again next Fall/Winter

Yolandy "MsYols" 
xoxo ;)

Saturday, July 16, 2011


These are my 3 favourite blazers in my closet right now. I bought all 3 blazers from ZARA....

My snow-white tuxedo jacket/blazer with a black lapel: Now this is my favorite blazer of all time. I've had it for 3months now and I still haven't worn it. I'm actually scared to wear it coz its fragile and delicate. Everytime I even think of wearing it, I have nightmares of someone spilling cheap-dark-red-boxed wine on it *screeeeeam*

My grass-green blazer with gold-detailed buttons:  I looove this blazer, I wore it once and i looked amazing, lol! Wore it with a white pair of jeans and a white chiffon shirt, wore it to church and immediately when i got back home I took it off coz i didn't want no one else to see me in it so i could repeat it again, kwaaaaaah! I thought I was the only person who had it in Joburg, until I saw this one episode of Top Shayela. Eish...

My brown blazer with leopard-print turn-over sleeves: If theres one blazer i abuse in the world, it has to be this one. I wear it all the time, hahaha! The neutral colour makes it so easy to wear with just about anything. I wore it twice this week*hides* wore it on Monday and Thursday to meet my friend Mbali for coffee at Tashas. Haai shame on me..

Melody Motha☺

Friday, July 15, 2011

5-Day Swag featuring Lwando "ItsDatLifeStyle"Ngwena

Geez look at the time...i didnt realise how late is was until i got stuck in traffic...Rush Hour duuur and i havnt even done the #FashionFriday and now im stressing about two things....Petrol and our Fashion Friday feature...Obviously the feature...hence *Fashion Freak* lol So i decided to just blog in traffic...No..Im not blogging and driving if thats what you were thinking..Anyway my battery is about to die on me so let me just introduce Mr ItsDatLifestyle himself -------- >> Lwando Ngwena

 Lwando's style is influenced by Uber-Stylish David Beckham, Top Designer Tom Ford and of cause Kanye West..and just like Mr West would say  “dress like you’re coming from somewhere and you got someplace to go.” Lwando always has that in mind and always has a pair of #Stunners to give his emsembles an edge.

 Tailored Fabiani suit paired with a pocka dot black and white tie and a white slim shirt  #Niiiice

Classic Fabiani Tux with a stripped red and white shirt..with the Bow-Tie adding the final touch  #StraightSwaggin 

 Laid back Swag, Black Vintage Leather Biker *SEASON MUST HAVE* and a printed shirt....and of cause Stunner *duurr* # LoveIt

He rocked this look at the Durban July..White Dinner Tuxedo Jacket with slim fit trousers which were tailored to his design #impressed 

Yolandy :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Yello Summer (...yello summer baby)... * haai I clearly miss summer :-( *

I sooo had to blog about this, I mean anyone who knows me knows that I'm a blazer-obsessed-freak, lol...So today I'm chilling at home, feeling a bit west  right, so my mate Fundi decided to come see me... Anywhoo so she gets house right, the first thing I notice on her is this gorgeous blazer she wearing...OMG #DIE!!! So me being me, no shame whats so ever, I ask her where she got it from(durr)...Did the answer not shock me for dayz...WOW... She like "this old thing"so im like "dude please dont come with your modest mambo-jumbo"...Little did I know that it really is an old thing, its an AMAZING OLD THING ...Turns out this timeless piece is almost  20 YEARS OLD *yah way older than me, he he he* it belonged to her mom (well up until last night), so Fundi "discovered" it in her closet *SMH* .... Anyways she calls it an "old thing" we call it VINTAGE!!!....I absolutely love it so i thought I'd share....

Anywhoo #ThatsAll ... Let me go watch Khumbulekhaya *don't judge*

Melody Motha :)

Uber-Stylish Couple: Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl

She is New York's stylish know her as the vllian in Mtv's reality show The City...yeah she was the one with the bitchy attitude and the wardrobe to die for and i totally loved her from day she is a style icon in many eyes includng mine obviously and her boyfriend, model and part-time photographer....*sigh* he is just too gorgeous for words exactly he is hotter then her.

Well these two are joined at the hip *rolls-eyes* and they look exquisite everytime they step out the house, it should actually be a crime to look that stylish..they even got an award for ......*drum-roll*..COUPLE OF THE YEAR but that not it..they both feature in the Mango ad campaign 2011/2012. These two were made for each there and they are my most Uber-Stylish Couple.

*Pictures by*

Yolandy :)