Friday, July 22, 2011

5-Day-Swag featuring Zeenhle

Hey friends, hope ya'll are best... Our fashionista for this week is Zeenhle. Yellowbone-fineness!!!She's a 23 year old IT graduate, she's also got a company that deals with Water services project, AND a part time service provider and project facilitator at the municipality of ekurhuleni.

In her own words, " I might be an IT "nerd" but I LIVE fashion. I believe a GOOD fashion is a good accessory for SUCCESS lol. I've got a big fetish for bags especially, LOVE LOVE LOVE em"

Ima let her take us through her swag.... #Leeekkkkkkkkoo

"The high-waist sermon pants
Shirt mr price, short by MTC by the lovely Mpho Malaka. These shorts are just too STANDARD, first time I saw them first thing that came to mind was that Kelly Rowland's 'what a feeling' vid COLOURFUL and FAB"

 "This gorgeous velvet red dress is also an MTC creation by Mpho Malaka... Watch out for this girl, she's coming in with purple FLAMES"

Top Forever new, Jeans Foschini, I teamed up with neon Pink wedges from Aldo and added a young fanny pack for more 'drama'

Red cardigan by Mpho Malaka, Black high-waist carrot pants MSC boutique, top was a swimsuit *hides*

 I love this outfit. Took me a few minutes to put it together LOL for a one of those TZ nights out *hides*
Shirt from Edgars, skirt and Belt  YDE. Gold and black gladiator heels from Zoom. And my most favouritest bag from ALDO" 

*All pictures from Zeenhle

Thank you Zeenhle for everything honey...MWAH!
Melody Motha

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