Friday, July 15, 2011

5-Day Swag featuring Lwando "ItsDatLifeStyle"Ngwena

Geez look at the time...i didnt realise how late is was until i got stuck in traffic...Rush Hour duuur and i havnt even done the #FashionFriday and now im stressing about two things....Petrol and our Fashion Friday feature...Obviously the feature...hence *Fashion Freak* lol So i decided to just blog in traffic...No..Im not blogging and driving if thats what you were thinking..Anyway my battery is about to die on me so let me just introduce Mr ItsDatLifestyle himself -------- >> Lwando Ngwena

 Lwando's style is influenced by Uber-Stylish David Beckham, Top Designer Tom Ford and of cause Kanye West..and just like Mr West would say  “dress like you’re coming from somewhere and you got someplace to go.” Lwando always has that in mind and always has a pair of #Stunners to give his emsembles an edge.

 Tailored Fabiani suit paired with a pocka dot black and white tie and a white slim shirt  #Niiiice

Classic Fabiani Tux with a stripped red and white shirt..with the Bow-Tie adding the final touch  #StraightSwaggin 

 Laid back Swag, Black Vintage Leather Biker *SEASON MUST HAVE* and a printed shirt....and of cause Stunner *duurr* # LoveIt

He rocked this look at the Durban July..White Dinner Tuxedo Jacket with slim fit trousers which were tailored to his design #impressed 

Yolandy :)

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