Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Had To Share :-)

Hello my beauties...

Oh wow! So while going through my daily dose of blogs, I came across this interesting article by Tania Braukämper called:
Daring to bare on the street. Are we ready for risque street style? 

see through top street style
*Beginning of article* While we see this kind of display of skin in editorials and on runways frequently, we don’t quite expect the same from a street style look. Especially not when the wearer is, as the photographer of these snapsMr Newton reports, going for a casual spot of lunch.
But a few points here: showing skin she may be, but the look somehow isn’t highly sexualised. There’s elegance to the spotted black tulle, the below-knee fishtail hem, the lack of any glamorous makeup. Secondly, the ease with which the outfit is worn coupled with the extreme confidence required to pull it off begs the question of whether a cultural divide comes into play. Is Italian Eleonora Carisi (the subject of the photos) simply evidence that the European view of nudity is more liberal than that of other parts of the world?
sheer top braless
And, regardless of whether or not we expect to see something so sheer worn as daywear, so long as the wearer feels confident in it, does it matter? *End of article*
I have to say after looking at the pictures over and over for about 20 minutes, they started to looking normal. The outfit starts making sense, it looks good and wearable, not that I would personally wear but its not as shocking. When I first saw it almost fell off my chair. But then I thought to myself, why am I actually shocked by this, because as an African this should not shock me. In some parts of africa its a norm for women to bear their breasts in public, not walking around on the streets naked, but there are some occasions/rituals where women parade topless. These are usually royal ceremonies, where the King picks a new bride. For example in South Africa and Swaziland there is the "Reed Dance" where women of all ages, sizes and shapes cut reeds and they present them to the king/queen mother, topless.

I am Swati and the "Reed Dance" seems normal to me. I would take part in it if I had to, but I never wear a sheer black see-through blouse with no bra on and walk around in the streets. I suppose this all goes to show how cultures can be so similar but yet so different.

Thank You*
Melody Motha-Molale

Star Mania

I am a big print lover and i love how the "Star Print" is taking over the fashion world like a heat rash...and we all having mini-heart attacks at how awesome it is and its finding its way into our hearts and wardrobes.
Not so long ago during Milan Fashion Week, Italian fashion duo, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabanna sent gorgeous starved looking models down the runway in boy suits accessorized with piano keys ties, role-playing, fabric swapping and silhouette challenging designs that dominated the show with the star-print.
To be honest star print is not a new motif to fashion but affluent use of them makes a totally different statement.As per usual its celebrities that and fashion freaks leading the way with the cute but oh-so-sexy  star-print especially the Dolce & Gabanna  which have been popping up at every corner.

Dolce and Gabanna fashion show

Ashley Tisdale rocking an over-sized red jumper

Fashionista Solange wearing star print leggings
Reality-star Kim Kardashian in a short navy-blue dress

Supermodel Naomi in a black and white Dolce and Gabanna masterpiece
" A pillar of the collection was the image of the women as a star on the through her beauty, confidence and aura lights up a room when she walks in a room. For Dolce &Gabanna everywomen deserves to be worshipped and recognised s a stallar creation, something delicate fascinating yet strong"

Yours in Fashion 
Yolandy :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

5-DAY-SWAG feat. Buhle Moletsane

Greetings girls and boys...

On today's 5-Day-Swag we feature Buhle Moletsane, she's 22 years old and she's a communication student. In her own words: "I am OBSESSED with in particular,so can call me a shoenista! LOL.
I do not have a specific style though, I dress how like,as long as I look good at the end of the day because my clothes are my personal revelation :)"

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 1. Gold Jersey- Zara, 2. Shorts- Sowearto, 3. Shoes- Overseas

1. High waist skirt- Forever New, 2. Red top- Forever New, 3. Shoes- Zoom shoes

1. Orange top- Sowearto, 2. Shorts- Sowearto, 3. Shoes- Zara

1. Dress- Forever New, 2. Shoes- Aldos

 1. Jumpsuit- Forever New, 2. Shoes- Woolworths

How cute? Love her! Watch out for this girl.... 
Pic cred: Buhle Moletsane
Shout out to Buhle...ThanksCheersBye
Melody Motha-Molale

Bright Lips

Hey Fashion Lovers

There is not anything new about women loving a bold bright lip, however, in summer its more acceptable to experiment with colours that may not be normally accepted during other seasons of the year.
This seasons delicious sugary pinks, shocking flash of red, peach, cherry and violet lip shades are fast becoming the most modern way to work a summer lip. A bright lip is so easy to wear , it instantly uplifts your outfit.

 How to successfully rock this trend
  •  Make sure your skin is picture perfect 
  • To keep the attention on your perfect pout, keep the rest of your makeup simple. Just a dash of eyeliner and mascara on the eyes and smooth sun-kissed skin and you are ready for a summer close-up.
  • Exfoliate your lips...this might sound wrong but its as easy as just rubbing a toothbrush with water over your lips to make them smooth.
  • Prime your lips 
  • Line your lips 
  • Add some colour 
  • SMILE 

 *Celebrities in the BRIGHT LIP*

Solange in a fushia pink

Singer Trina and Keisha Dior in super bright candy lip colours

Beyonce in a cheeky red

All major make-up brands have mouth-watering juicy colours to satisfy your craving for a candy coated shade so choose your favourite and go wild this summer.

Yours in Fashion 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Palulu Pop Up Launch

Greetings all

You must have heard of Palulu Fashion Concepts by now....if not keep on reading.
Palulu Fashion Concepts is about celebrating all types of women and all sizes providing stylistic assistance by introducing them into worldwide current how exciting?
Palesa Mashiyane is the face behind this fresh and stylish brand and she hosted the mother of all " Block " Parties... Colour Block Party that is, on a chilled sunday afternoon where she, Parooz Fashions and TWOshop sold once-off trendy items while guest relaxed and indulged in cocktails and cupcakes. It was hosted at a trendy up-market roof top location and started off with a fashion show styled by Palesa herself.
Hostest with the mostest...Palesa Mashiyane

After the Fashion Show you could do what every girl dreams till you drop from the Palesa, Lulla Belle Boutique Parooz Fashions and TwoShop stalls that had garments to die for.

I know for a fact that this event was appreciated by all fashionistas because most stalls racks were empty and there was only one thing on everyones minds...FASHION!!!!

Spotted at the event:

Big ups to Palesa for hosting such an awesome event and good luck for all your future events i know you will be making a mark in this industry.

* Picture credit- Lebo Shmoove and Zianda Mathe*

Yours in Fashion