Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Trend Report: Palazzo Pants..

With my skinny jeans shrinking..due to the weather obviously *rolls eyes* i have more than enough reason to throw them out and make room for the Palazzo Pants also known as the Wide-Leg Pants.
Runways have been showcasing this latest trend which only means that its going to spread like wildfire.
I like this trend because its extremly comfortable and it makes us short people look abit taller..lol just make sure you not sweeping the floor with them but like all other trends it doesn't mean everybody has to like it or can pull it off but its all about how you style it.
  •       The wider the leg the better
  •       Your trousers should graze the floor even when worn over the highest heel in your closet.
  •        Highlight your waist..so tuck in your top or add a belt
  •        For a more feminine flare pair it with a blouse, camisole or shirt and you can take it straight
           from the office
  •        Always wear heels..ALWAYS and kitten heels ain't a heel!!
Below are pictures on how to wear them..

And obviously celebs and bloggers have been bracing the Palazzo Pants with a big welcome:

If you going to try this trend please keep it simple

Yolandy ;)

1 comment:

  1. I'm already embrassing the trend. Got some last week and wore them this weekend.Simple but yet so classy and ladylike.

    Love this trend :)