Friday, July 29, 2011

5-Day-Swag featuring Chomy. A

Before i introduce this weeks 5-Day-Swag i just want to let everyone know that this feature is for everybody so if you think you or any of your friends have style that need to be shared with our readers, do not hesitate to email us pictures on its that simple...This weeks 5-Day-Swag is Chomy from "the culuture cynic" who also owns a vintage online store which is absoultely amazing see for yourself:

" With this look,  it is all about the wrapping technique. because the fabric of this scarf is very light, you can tie and wrap it without creating excessive bulk. Like the rest of these, the belt does an excellent job of holding this in place. I wrapped the scarf around my waist, to get the asymmetrical/slanted bottom, i tucked the extra long ends into the belt. no pins or sewing required. Just make sure the belt is tight and remains secure. Too much shifting will compromise the shape, you want one that sits at your natural waist and one that will stay put. with the 'right' belt, there really will be no need to sew or pin into place. For the most part, i prefer 'faux' /temporary DIY because i need to be able to reuse a piece/garment for other projects. With such flexibility, the potential of a particular piece will be endless."
"Obviously there is a nature/animal theme going on here. The shoes are Nine West and was a birthday gift from 3 years ago from the lover. They are actually a deep dark chocolate although they appear black in these pics. My sheer blouse (one of many) was a secondhand find and the abstract plant motif blended well with the ensemble. A few pops of colour here and there elevates the look from just a neutral blend of browns and black to something fun and 'unserious'."

I love the colour-blocking on her and that Blazer is screaming to be in my closet. 
Pink Blazer, Blouse and Trousers - Vintage, Leopard Print peep-toe pumps - Nine West

Wearing three different shades of blue can be very tricky but it doesnt mean that you feeling blue lol i love the double breasted blazer and adding that touch of grey and black in it just to balance the outfit.Yet again all items are vintage, Shoes - Nine West

Blazer and Bag - Vintage, Dress and Shoes - Forever21
I just luuurrrvvveee the how HAUTE are they?? i can see myself wearing that blazer, i think i need to start getting into this vintage shopping thing, seems like there are soo many great finds.

Blazer - Vintage and Dress by Forever 21, Shoes -Old but they still kicking it

The way i CAN NOT get over all these Blazers/Jackets...WOW #iDie for all of them
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Yolandy :)
Enjoy the weekend

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  1. She is almost getting it right....3 things i would change atleast with each outfit.