Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Yello Summer (...yello summer baby)... * haai I clearly miss summer :-( *

I sooo had to blog about this, I mean anyone who knows me knows that I'm a blazer-obsessed-freak, lol...So today I'm chilling at home, feeling a bit west  right, so my mate Fundi decided to come see me... Anywhoo so she gets house right, the first thing I notice on her is this gorgeous blazer she wearing...OMG #DIE!!! So me being me, no shame whats so ever, I ask her where she got it from(durr)...Did the answer not shock me for dayz...WOW... She like "this old thing"so im like "dude please dont come with your modest mambo-jumbo"...Little did I know that it really is an old thing, its an AMAZING OLD THING ...Turns out this timeless piece is almost  20 YEARS OLD *yah way older than me, he he he* it belonged to her mom (well up until last night), so Fundi "discovered" it in her closet *SMH* .... Anyways she calls it an "old thing" we call it VINTAGE!!!....I absolutely love it so i thought I'd share....

Anywhoo #ThatsAll ... Let me go watch Khumbulekhaya *don't judge*

Melody Motha :)

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