Monday, July 18, 2011

My Winter Shoe Game

I know its kinda late for the Winter Boots post but who cares, they are still cold fronts approaching..well i think and guess what??  I will be ready *evil laugh* Anyway here are my *TOP 5 BOOTS* in my shoe closet:

                                                                          NUMBER 5:

My flat black knee-highs that i bought at Aldo are on the verge on running away because i have been wearing them alot, i actually feel sorry for them, they must be tired, they are sooo worn out shame but i still love them.

          Number 4 :

These nude suede ankle boots i bought at Castello on sale about two years ago and they still look brand new and  extremly could run in them, yeah i have done that *hides* I wear them with basically everything cause the colour allows it but they get dirty too quickly aaarggh.

                                                                            NUMBER 3:

These maroon suede peep-toe boots are from Castello and i wear these all year long..the peep-toe makes it soo easier to also wear whenever but obviously not when its blazing favourite way to wear them are with cut-off denims but iv retired that look by now.

                                                                      NUMBER 2:

I can not get over my black thigh-high leather boots bought at Castello, i do not wear them that much but i totally love them and i wear them with everything from jeans, leggings you name can NEVER go wrong with Black boots and it should be a key stable item in your winter wardrobe they just complete the outfit.

                                                                      NUMBER 1:

These are totally my FAVE boots..eish and the way these pictures are not doing justice to them...i swear they are HOTT..yet another pair from Castello i should be having shares by now with all the Castello shoes i have..anyway its actually going to be sad when i have to pack them away since Spring is approaching...i love the fact that they are super high and i tower over everyone when i wear..ok not everyone but some people.

So those were my TOP 5 Winter Boots that kept me warm during those unbearable cold days and nights and its about that time where i have to pack them away till we meet again next Fall/Winter

Yolandy "MsYols" 
xoxo ;)


  1. Okay, okay, we get it Yolandy... You love Castello. Love your shoe game. Are you by any chance a size 7. I want the last pair;)

  2. tjo tjo if this is only her boots, i wonder how her everyday shoes look like?i love them

  3. Landi i think my love for that store has turned into OBSESSION hey..and you can have them if you can squeeze your foot in them, they are size 6 tho lol
    Thanks for the love