Saturday, July 16, 2011


These are my 3 favourite blazers in my closet right now. I bought all 3 blazers from ZARA....

My snow-white tuxedo jacket/blazer with a black lapel: Now this is my favorite blazer of all time. I've had it for 3months now and I still haven't worn it. I'm actually scared to wear it coz its fragile and delicate. Everytime I even think of wearing it, I have nightmares of someone spilling cheap-dark-red-boxed wine on it *screeeeeam*

My grass-green blazer with gold-detailed buttons:  I looove this blazer, I wore it once and i looked amazing, lol! Wore it with a white pair of jeans and a white chiffon shirt, wore it to church and immediately when i got back home I took it off coz i didn't want no one else to see me in it so i could repeat it again, kwaaaaaah! I thought I was the only person who had it in Joburg, until I saw this one episode of Top Shayela. Eish...

My brown blazer with leopard-print turn-over sleeves: If theres one blazer i abuse in the world, it has to be this one. I wear it all the time, hahaha! The neutral colour makes it so easy to wear with just about anything. I wore it twice this week*hides* wore it on Monday and Thursday to meet my friend Mbali for coffee at Tashas. Haai shame on me..

Melody Motha☺

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