Monday, June 27, 2011

The 2011 BET Awards Arrivals

Last night the 2011 BET Awards were held at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, Califonia and i wanted to do was cry a river...wait before you jugde me i have two valid reasons for this:

REASON 1: Our very own Teargas didnt scoop the award for Best African Act * tears * they should    have, i was really crossing my fingers for the boys and still proud of them..Congrats to the winners, just imagine if Teargas performed though *beeeeg smile*
REASON 2: *....more tears* honestly i was really sad and extremly dissapointed because the fashion OVERALL was OK, im not saying eeerrbady was dressed catastrophe lol but there were no "OMG..did you see what she/he wore? " and more " OMG what were they thinking??? " or that moment were you thinking...i must get Gert to make me that  dress/outfit but then again the BETs have that relaxed, chilled vibe to it and maybe i am over reacting *wipes tears*...well see for yourself 
Host for the night...Comedian Kevin Hart

LaLa in a short long-sleeved metallic dress
Nina Long in a short white boob-tube dress

Tika Sumper in a fitted Herve Ledger dress paired with a red clutch and #redbottom pumps
Rocsi in an inspired ice-skating dress

This dress did not do justice to Meagan Good
Alicia Keys in D&G..her zebra #redbottoms needs a moment

Kerry Washington was my best dressed in her acid green thigh-high slit Micheal Kors gown and points #redbottoms

Kelly Rowland in a floral ruffled detail Marchesa cocktail dress

How sexy does Tracee Ellis Ross look..#nohomo

The Smiths can never do wrong in my cute is Willows tee?

White suit +white shoes = FAIL
#Cantdzeal with Drake's outfit.
My husband Boris Kodjoe looking very yummy..i mean

*cougar moment* lol
Ok i agree i might have overreacted just a tiny bit the stars didnt look that bad but some went for the #MyStylistHatesMe look....kwaaaaa shame!

Yolandy :)

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  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha!!! Drake's shoes! I actually cannot!!

    Trace Ellis WOW! Megan Good shame - wrong event for tht dress.....Alicia Keys shoes need a 5 day conference!

    The Smith's need a prayer meeting shame.......

    Boris - #yellowbones stay winning!

    Kery Washington - BEST DRESSED!! SO HOT!!

    Like Ashanti - prom queen,.......

    Noone stood out for me. But then again......