Friday, June 3, 2011

#Fashion News- Kanye West working on a Fashion Line

It is quite obvious that Mr West has a great appreciation for fashion, he has just set up a studio in Paris, France but not to record in but to design his own FASHION line.
Apparently Mr West is working on a high-end line of men and women's clothing line that might debut as early as September. I am not that excited about it because im not quite sure if he has what it takes to be "that designer" i mean he is a brilliant artist and a "style icon" to many * topic for another day* but can he transform all that in a collection for both male and females uuhhm lets wait and see. Kanye is quoted as saying: " My first love is for fashion, i was a designer before i was a rapper." We all know he has worked in fashion before  with his recent released limited addition line of silky scarves ( Pics below) inspired by the album artwork on his " Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Fantasy album. He also collaborated on a line of sneakers with Nike and Louis Vuitton, interned at Fendi and even wrote a fashion column for Complex magazine.
Can't wait for September to see what the rapper has been working on.

Walking the streets of New York in a Band of Outsiders dinner jacket with sneakers and an oversized Hermes bag

Arriving at a fashion show dressed in a PINK Phillip Lim jacket.

Yolandy :)


  1. FINALLY!!!! Can't wait! OMG! I'm so excited.

  2. OH YA MOMENT OF SILENCE FOR THE HERMES BAG!!! LIKE Please say a prayer!! Lol....