Friday, June 10, 2011

5-Day-Swag featuring Tshego Manche

Its #FashionFriday peeps, YAY!!*does a lil happy dance* exciting is this here post?! Don't you just love it?! This is a new feature to the blog, every Friday we feature a young (or old, lol) fashionista showcasing 5 of their favourite daytime looks. *claps hands*

Our first fashionista/stylista is Tshego Manche, she describes her style as 'emotional' she says "I wear what i feel". Tshego aspires to open her own boutique and says she draws her style and inspiration from her mother and her two favourite style icons; Victoria Beckham and Dita Von Tesse. Her favourite fashion quote is by Coco Chanel " It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure. Love it!!

Tshego takes us through each look and she explains to us how she feels about them, i love how she details everything ha ha ha, so cute :)


Look 1:
Tshego: "This is a champagne/pink jumpsuit ensemble coupled with a pair of gold high heel pumps made perfect with a bold oversized hat and nude pink lips to create a suttle yet sexy look. It’s my personal fav because it’s not too tight yet it is sexy and love the accentuated ruffled collar."

Items by: Jumpsuit from Forever New, Wide brimmed hat from Woolworths and Shoes by Christian Louboutin.

Tshego: "And if the weather poses a threat, no worries added this cream also light toned blazer. Keeping the accessories minimalistic because the hat & accentuated collar of the ensemble are already enough."

Items by: Blazer from MSC Boutique

Look 2:
Tshego: "This look is my second favorite because it’s a comfortable yet sexy look showing smart seperates with masculine tailoring. I’ve added different shades of grey, top light bottom dark (diva diary: dark colors at the bottom always make one look slimmer) the look is made perfect by the chunky midnight green accessory, the boyfriend blazer and brogues. And to glam up the day look I’ve added a military inspired hat and my fav, the Hermes belt!"

Outfit by: Blazer from Roxanne&Pushnik, Pants from Cathy Brown Boutique in Dubai, White vest from Vertigo, black hat from Woolies, Belt by Hermes and Brogues from Socrati.

Tshego: "Switching the day time look to night, added the made famous by Sex&the city Royal blue Manolo Blahnik shoes, added a statement dangling necklace, ridded the belt, added a clutch and a ring (diva diary: always have a signature to you're ensemble mine is putting the ring on the index finger)"

Items by: Clutch bag from a boutique in Thailand and Shoes by Monolo Blahnik.

Look 3:
Tshego: "Never be afraid to mix colors, its that season where colors never imagined when fused together sport a retro look like the one above. The electric blue on the red and color blocked by black made perfect by the shell shaped gold earings and gold embellishments of the tailored pants coupled by the red high heeled pump."

Items by: Blue blouse from MSC Boutique in Melville, Pants from Cathy Brown Boutique in Dubai and Shoes by Socrati.

Tshego: "And for the chill down my spine here Im sporting a puffed shoulder jacket, the gold double breast buttons definitely go swell with the look, adds its modern flair to the retro look."

Items by: Black jacket from H&M.

Look 4:
Tshego: "This look is vintage chic meets spikes! One of my fav looks, it’s the Audrey Hepburn meets modern day Victoria Beckham look. I’ve added the bow tie with the tuxedo shirt and drapped skirt and my favorite Christian Louboutin spiked pigalle shoes! And the vintage “chic” is the matte red lipstick!"

Item by: Tuxedo shirt by Tiger of Sweden, drapped skirt by French Connection and Shoes by Christian Louboutin.

Tshego: "Here added suspenders to the look…"

Items by: Suspenders and Bow Tie by Strellson.

Look 5:
Tshego: Need I say more?!!!! Meet the triple F dress she exudes (Flair,Fabulosity&Flamboyance)"
Items by: Dress by Karen Millen and Shoes by Gianomarco Lorenzi.

**The End**

How adorable is she? Love her!! 
Thank you very much Tshego:) Lots of appreciation and good luck with your Boutique girl!Mwah!

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Fashion Freak Forever,
Keep warm kids, KUYABANDA!!
Melody MO :)


  1. She's GORGEOUS!!
    My word..SUPER STYLISH and ultra glam..
    I LOVE IT!!!
    Great stuff..WOW!!

  2. Yols i got nothing on this lady!lol I loved look 4!

  3. Tshego is so stylish! I love her style! Can we have a moment of silence for the Loubs!! WOW! Pls teach me how to b so stylish!

  4. Tshego u exude such style and glamourousness lol.I thought thelil diva diary inserts were sooo cute...i love everyting,the Manolo's the Loubies,The double breasted black jacket with gold buttons,the nyt tym version of look 2 and dress in look 5 like WOW.

  5. Those shoes are replicas right? Because they don't look like the authentic ones... -__-
    Great looks though!

  6. Sophisticated, love it,very stylish!