Friday, June 17, 2011

5-Day Swag featuring Chanelle Ellaya

Its Friday *whoop whoop* and its my favorite day of the week not only because its weekend but because its #FASHIONFRIDAY and we get to share our fashionista for the week.

The gorgeous Channelle Ellaya is featured this week with her favorite looks.." my overrall style is quite laid back, im very much a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl..but sometimes i like to change it up abit. My style icons i'd say are Blake Lively, Kim Kardashian, Emma Stone and Megan Fox...I always try to showcase understated beauty"
She says: " This is my Vintage High Fashion look"
Items: Fur coat-Vintage, Pants-Edgars Vintage, Shoes-Mr Price, Earrings-Diva
Style and Mood: Sleek Simplicity
Items: Leggings-H&M, white sweater-Pulsate, Black waist belt-Tequila, Checkered tweed jacket-Vintage, Pumps-Mr Price, Earrings-Third Time Lucky

Style and Mood: A nigh out
Items: Black fluffy jersey-Oriental city, Skirt-JayJay's, Ankle boots-Shine, Belt-Vintage, Earrings-Third Time Luck
 Even on her lazy days does she look exquisite and im totally inlove with her hair.
Items: High waisted shorts-Oriental City, Bra-La Senza, Chiffon Top-Third Time Lucky,Long Socks-Canada

Style and Mood: Keeping it casual
Items:Sweater-Woolworths, Fux waistcoat-Fashion World, Jeans-Edgars, Cowboy boots-SuzyQ

*Hair and Make-up by Sian Bianca Moss and photography by Daniel David*

When i grow up i wanna have hair just like hers...isnt she just tooo beautiful for words??

Fashion Freak Forever
Yolandy :) 


  1. Stunning Shoot Chicken :) Looks stunning always! big ups to the photographer and make up artist as well

  2. looks vewi gud i love it