Friday, June 10, 2011

#FashionNews: ZARA to OPEN in SA (Well Maybe)

After years of talks about ZARA opening in South Africa, it was finally announced earlier this year, by the ZARA head office that indeed it would open a store in SA. It had been speculated that the stored would be located in the heart of Sandton; Sandton City but that seems to not be the case anymore. Now rumour has it that the store will be based in Pretoria. Currently ZARA is only available in two African counties, Egypt and Tunisia. ZARA SA is meant to be opening its doors mid-July so now....we wait and see.... *crossing fingers*

Now if ZARA does pull through, here`s a sneak peak of what you can expect *drum roll please* dun dun dun...

All picture are taken from the ZARA website

Yes ladies and gentlemen now you know why I have my fingers crossed for this to happen, now lets join hands and say a little prayer. *moment* Amen!

Fashion Freak For Life,
Melody MO:)


  1. Dear Lord of Fashions, please can Zara just do the right thing and open in SA.

  2. i dnt knw wt zara is and im based in pta bt dayuuuum they should come. thesee clothes r hot hey!!! :)

  3. wow now this is hot!!!!!!