Friday, June 24, 2011

5-Day-Swag featuring Beasty

Its BEASTY B*TCHES!! Aaaaaauuuuuwwww!!! Hahahahaha....Ok!Ok! Let me get serious, so its Friday and ya'll know what time it is *drumroll please* 5-Day-Swag duurrrrr!!!! This week, BEASTY is in the building... heeey *Mika voice* lol...

Beasty had a mouth full to say, lol.... #Leegggooooo

" Basically who inspires Beasty?? For me to be honest I'm inspired by my surroundings and the people I see every day, I don't have a particular style icon. This season I'm all about vintage, and soft earthy colours, the browns, the yellows, etc. Like I'll see something on someone whether it be a hobo or an executive person, if I like a particular item, they wearing, I find it, change it up to suit my style. Truth be told, all these people saying they inspired by so and so, are actually lying to themselves, how many outfits are u gonna find that look like your style icon and how many are gonna SUIT u. Best advice is, be your own style icon."

"As you may know, I am an avid club-goer (please not I did not say socialite) chancers are u most likely to bump into me in a club rather than campus! :/ I love hanging out with my bitches, TJ and Asanda. We have this thing were 
on thursday we wear leggings to campus (some may consider this DGM behaviour, but we don't G.A.F-thats the thing about fashion, doing what pleases YOU)."

"My short term goal for the moment is to graduate and leave this hell hole called UCT! But I have to admit I love how everyone expresses themselves on our campus! What they wear, how they behave, their hairstyles! Totes loves! Long term goal is to get into the PR and Events industry, I've had experience and the opportunity to work with people who run the game like the likes of Ninel Lara from Vth Season and the girls of Bank Productions. Gaining valuable experience at the same time. I have been in talks for other BIG BIG things (I hope will pull through- as they will jumpstart my career), however u'll have to wait and SEE! ;)"

"I'm a student AND Im obviously I'm on a "student budget" *yawn* everything I own I have worked for , nothing more satisfying than that! And Not to brag but student or not I've done pretty well for myself, he he he" ..... OK.... #Leeggooo

DAY #1

"This look was totally randy, and made up on the spot! I love those high-waisted shorts and as u may know off the shoulder cuts are a hot item in the gay man's fashion (some don't know that). The shorts I got as a gift from a friend (love ya beesh) and the top was from one a vintage store and got it altered. Wore that outfit to BFdimeswithBonang aka B*"

DAY #2
"This look was my 'str8 boi' look that I wore to pop bottles, this outfits mostly from sports scene and markham and the pull over(from amsterdam) was a gift from RIKY RICK (love u bro) ;)"

DAY #3
"This look was for the Rick Ross concerts, as you can see I went through a phase of Bow-ties, :).. U won't believe when I say those pants are are old grand-pa pants, I loved their detail, and the print as well.. The outfit wouldn't be complete without a lil glass in hand. However this look had a lot of people mistaking me for the help! "Excuse me, where can we find the bathroom?!" Like seriously though?? O_o

 DAY #4
"Beyond... Ahh.. Beyond any of my favourite 'campus outfits', I call it the rebel outfit, a lil leather and booty shorts never hurt nobody! I have to say this after I did this look in early 2010, been seeing a lot of gays tryna do it this year, Go figure!! If u gonna wear short shorts, shave your legs! :) "

DAY #5
"Simple look for the Kim Kardashian party that was held in Cape Town, I'm a rebel of fashion, invite said with "a touch of pink" I was like F that, I wanna stand out, so wore my blue bow-tie.. Look inspired by a pamphlet from Jack Wills(love this store-very studenty- GOOGLE) in England!"

"Colour-Blocking!!HEllo!! #EnuffSAid"

"I don't consider myself a style icon or whatever, but I'll always wear what I wanna wear, regardless of what people and my friends say! Fashion is not limited, do not limit yourself to what society thinks is right, explore, try things out, you'll find your style!"

"In closing i wanna say, Fashion is not about how much you pay for something but about how you rock it! Fashion has no price tag!"

Im out!
Beasty B*

I loooooooove Beasty swag....Lets clap hands for him ya'll *claps hands* niiiiiice one buddy!!! Thank you so much B!! Ps: When i grow up i wanna have your gorgeous legs! #ThanksCheersBye

Fashion Freak Forever,
Melody Motha:)


  1. He's almost too gay too function!! Love it. He looks awesome and exudes confidence. Wish more guys had the guts to switch up their wardrobe a little.

  2. I know this guy from cpt, he is very good looking. What's he's twitter name?

  3. Hahahaha! "Almost too gay to function" that's funny! ... Ur rite thou, he's not afraid to express himself and you can tell he's proper content with who he is! Kudos to that!

  4. I really like Beasts fashion sense, its dope!

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  6. The Day 2 look is on point!!!!! Too hott!!! Can I come back as your legs in my next life Beasty!! #ThanksCheersBye!

  7. P.S. I love all your looks! Claps for you!