Thursday, November 3, 2011

#Trending------>> Velvet Slippers

Hey Fashion Freaks

If you didn't know by now velvet slippers have taken over with the cutting fashion crowd..that's you guys reading this. The newly reinvented a la Hugh Hefner's has always been associated with old rich gentlemen (the Gossip girl type rich lol) lounging at home wearing gowns, smoking cigars with a glass of whiskey in one hand but that's a thing of the past.
The slippers are hard-soled covered in velvet fabric with hand embroidered monograms, heraldic designs and family crests in various styles and colours.
I am actually really excited about this trend (even got my BF obsessed with them) because when talking to the opposite sex the first thing i always look at are shoes...i just think shoes say a lot about you and there are some men that just get it wrong....some very wrong so with these slippers trending guys are not allowed to make those fashion faux pas.

 How to wear Velvet Slippers:
  • Wear them with a fitted suit 
  • For a casual look pair them with a jeans of various colours 
  • Add a fitted blazer for eveings or a formal look
  • Make sure you jeans are not too long or fold them 
  • When wearing a pair of velvet slippers with an embroidery make sure your shirt is plain and simple

Outfit Inpiration:

Stylish Mr  Vuittots wearing his XO Velvet Slippers paired with pants and a fitted red blazer
Mr Vuittots's XO Velvet Slippers
A Blogger wearing red slim fit Zara pants with denim shirt and a navy blue fitted blazer with his velvet slippers with tassles

Marcus  Troy
 Celebs like Scott Disick and Kanye West have been spotted wearing this trend on various occasions and you would swear that they have a pair for each day of the week

I would like to see more of the guys wearing " The Velvet Slipper "this season 

Yours in Fashion
Yolandy ;)


  1. Scott need to marry me! I LOVE HIM!

  2. I must buy Mr Kumalo a pair......

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  3. Yolandy where do I get them though? Pretty sure my brothers would appreciate a pair and just maybe me!

  4. Orders a pair for ma bubbykins;-). Hauteness just like that.

  5. Got myself a pair at They look great. Hope the fashion sticks for a while

  6. Please avoid Teliard. They are scammers. Please perform your own due diligence by performing a few simple Google searches on them for your own safety.

  7. I love Velvet !...Just saw an article about it @

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  9. I got a few pairs from , and they are absolutely fabulous. I hope the style stays for a while too because i am certainly a big fan.