Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hervé Léger Cut-Out Swimwear

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think "Summer"? ... Pool parties! Right!?Yes! And what would a pool party be without a bathing suit!?...Loosing!!!! Haha! So I thought aaaaha let me do a post on bathing suits in general, but while I was in the process of doing that I realized that I would be doing my readers a world of injustice if I didn't first introduce them to this beautiful work of art. Ladies and gentlemen what you are looking at now is the work of Hervé Léger by Max Azria. 

The company Hervé Léger was established in 1985. Since then its been known for its trademark dresses known as the "bandage dresses", these include evening and cocktail wear. However in 2009 the company introduced swimwear to their collection. Although the swimwear collection looks beautiful and strange at the same time, it never seemed to catch on in the mainstream until lately. Its popularity grew largely only in 2011.

When they first launched one piece retailed for about $1,050 which is the equivalent of R8,340 *laaaawd* faints! Wait but thats not the only shocker about my fav swimwear. Another thing is that you cannot swim in them, You can't really get it wet, they are strictly and only for poolside posing. YES!  Hahaha! Love it!

According to Net-a-porter.com an online store that stocks these gorgeous pieces, advice that 'To get the best from your Hervé Léger beachwear we advise you do not wear it in water.'





                                                                                   Tshego Manche                

Paris Hilton



I will be the first to admit that pulling of one of these looks could prove difficult, I mean we don't all have supermodel bodies *sigh* But if your feeling confident I say go for it girl. I know ima try it *hides* 

Sadly we do not have a Hervé Léger store in South Africa, but here are some online stores that you could visit to order yourself some of this goodness. Now again, be warned, they do NOT come cheap:


Fashion Freak Forever
Melody Motha-Molale


  1. Phew! Crazy sexy, CRAZY expensive!

  2. Really like this post...I know my Hervé Léger, sorry to say but the girl Tshego Manche's swimsuits are NOT authentic Hervé Léger. As a blogger myself, it is disrespectful to the brand to post fake garments. I had the privilege of working with these swimsuits on a previous photo shoot for Maria Claire (US). I suppose this is the reason I am NOT a huge fan of the brand anymore. Stores all over the world has knocked off the "bandage" look. It's such a shame :(
    xoxo Anastacia (NYC, U.S)

  3. http://www.hervelegerdressforsale.net/