Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Palulu Pop Up Launch

Greetings all

You must have heard of Palulu Fashion Concepts by now....if not keep on reading.
Palulu Fashion Concepts is about celebrating all types of women and all sizes providing stylistic assistance by introducing them into worldwide current how exciting?
Palesa Mashiyane is the face behind this fresh and stylish brand and she hosted the mother of all " Block " Parties... Colour Block Party that is, on a chilled sunday afternoon where she, Parooz Fashions and TWOshop sold once-off trendy items while guest relaxed and indulged in cocktails and cupcakes. It was hosted at a trendy up-market roof top location and started off with a fashion show styled by Palesa herself.
Hostest with the mostest...Palesa Mashiyane

After the Fashion Show you could do what every girl dreams till you drop from the Palesa, Lulla Belle Boutique Parooz Fashions and TwoShop stalls that had garments to die for.

I know for a fact that this event was appreciated by all fashionistas because most stalls racks were empty and there was only one thing on everyones minds...FASHION!!!!

Spotted at the event:

Big ups to Palesa for hosting such an awesome event and good luck for all your future events i know you will be making a mark in this industry.

* Picture credit- Lebo Shmoove and Zianda Mathe*

Yours in Fashion 


  1. Wat a terrible pic of me! wow west!!!

  2. seemed like a cool day,with fashionable ladies,lovely pics.