Friday, November 18, 2011

Bright Lips

Hey Fashion Lovers

There is not anything new about women loving a bold bright lip, however, in summer its more acceptable to experiment with colours that may not be normally accepted during other seasons of the year.
This seasons delicious sugary pinks, shocking flash of red, peach, cherry and violet lip shades are fast becoming the most modern way to work a summer lip. A bright lip is so easy to wear , it instantly uplifts your outfit.

 How to successfully rock this trend
  •  Make sure your skin is picture perfect 
  • To keep the attention on your perfect pout, keep the rest of your makeup simple. Just a dash of eyeliner and mascara on the eyes and smooth sun-kissed skin and you are ready for a summer close-up.
  • Exfoliate your lips...this might sound wrong but its as easy as just rubbing a toothbrush with water over your lips to make them smooth.
  • Prime your lips 
  • Line your lips 
  • Add some colour 
  • SMILE 

 *Celebrities in the BRIGHT LIP*

Solange in a fushia pink

Singer Trina and Keisha Dior in super bright candy lip colours

Beyonce in a cheeky red

All major make-up brands have mouth-watering juicy colours to satisfy your craving for a candy coated shade so choose your favourite and go wild this summer.

Yours in Fashion 

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