Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Little White Dress

**The LWD**

Ever since I can remember the LBD (little black dress) was the most popular fashion must-have, if you did not own one or anything that resembles it then something was wrong with you. Its mostly loved because its classic, looks sophisticated and screams elegance.  Its appropriate for almost any occasion. I have more LBDs than I have jeans, even tops come to think of it. The LBD has remained famous for many years, however  things seem to have taken a dramatic turn...

Lately more celebrities are seen on the red carpet wearing the LWD (little white dress) than they are wearing the LBD...Yes its the truth, the LWD has taken over. Contrary to its counter part, the LWD is more playful,bright and its perfect for summer. Its very chic and sexy without being tacky. But what I love most about them is that angelic feel that you get when wearing something white, its like your wedding day everyday, hahahaha!

Most designer are leaning towards this trend. We seen the LWD a lot on the runways. I must say it has really grown on me. I've always been anti-white (clothes only), I love everything black not only because its slimming but its also very classy. But i'm warming up to the LWD, soon my closet will be filled with them...hehehe!

Alexa Chung

Emma Watson

Fundi Kumalo
Noni Gasa                                             
Giselle Bundchen

Kelly Rowland

Jennifer Hudson

          Selita Ebanks                                                                                                      Taylor Swift

Paris Hilton

Jessica Alba

Toni Braxton

Rachel McAdams
Georgina Chapman
Lucy Liu

Kim Kardashian

If you gonna try out this trend, get creative with it, add texture to your little white dress with detail, such as lace, flowers, feathers, crystals, patterns, belts, jewelry and of cause...stunning stilettos! 


Melody Motha-Molale

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  1. Thanks for the beautiful fashion updates and stunning blog! The LWD is absolutely lovely...A total winner!