Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Heel-less shoes

Hey everyone

Growing up i always puzzeled over what the next evolution of shoes will be especially high heels..but they just got higher and thinner and the older i got the higher my heels got. The most common question asked by the elders were " How do you walk in those?" my reply was always while strutting my lastest pair of shoes "that it wasn't even that high and ran my fastest in heels" obviously lying through my teeth, hoping not to be dared.
However Guiseppe Zanotti and many other designers like Jeffery Campbell created an OTT shoe with no heel, wonder what the elders would ask after seeing that, beacuse im still blown-away how anyone can actually walk in..."Her feet be killing her, I call it SHOEICIDE, looking good has it sarificies "

Tamar Braxton

As fabulous as this trend is its obvious that not everybody will go ga-ga over it but one thing for sure, its steaming hot on the red carpet with celebs.

Jennifer in a red layered dress and black heel-less pumps

Would love to hear your opinion on these shoes...what do you think of the heel-less pumps, is it a shoe you will be rocking??

Yours in Fashion
Yolandy Masinga- @MsYols


  1. I love these shoes, but I'm with you I just don't see how they walk in them.


  3. I have the Giuseppe Zanotti sparkly ones and let me tell you...they are the most comfortable heels I have ever worn in my life!!! I last 11 hours standing in them with no blisters or pain at all...weird I know but oh my god they are very easy to walk in. You relax and lean back as normal....the only down side with the shoe is it's very hard going down hill like a driveway etc...I had to walk like a crab side ways hahahaha

  4. Yolandy. have you perharps seen them any where in Jozzi.. I'd love a pair of those.. #GRINS

  5. What a tremendous high heel shoes collection!!
    Women Shoes have endless variety these days with the buyers going crazy when they go for shopping. Their facial expression lit up every time they see a pair of shoes which appeals to their heart.

  6. Have just bought 2 pairs of 6-inch equivalent, and from the very first step they were so comfortable and easy to walk in. I now cannot see why there's any fuss, though I admit I was a bit apprehensive at first. Have worn 7-inch stilettos for years so that must have helped me, but I love the way walking in them looks impossible to other people. My advice is add them to your collection right away whether you're female or you're a man like me. I'd recommend buying some a high ankle to give full support.