Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Media24 launches Grazia South Africa...

SA's 1st Fashion and News weekly gloss magazine
On Thursday, 15 March 2012, we headed to one of the biggest international fashion and news magazine launch Grazia.  Welcomed with a glass of champagne and graced with the Italian themed venue.  The vibe was out most amazing; the who's and who's of fashion like Mbali Soga, current Cosmopolitan Fashion Editor was there looking chic as well as Nthato Mashishi in a sequence jacket looking great as usual and many others.

Talking about Mbali Soga, I had a little chat with her and man I am happy to announce that she will be joining the Grazia team as the Fashion Editor for the weekly gloss fashion magazine.  She is currently doing an amazing job at Cosmo and Lord knows what she has in store for Grazia.

For those who are not familiar with the magazine, Grazia is a global fashion and news weekly magazine that was originally launched in Italy in 1938.  Their success as a brand has grown exponentially over the past few decades and it now boasts 20 editions worldwide including South Africa now, the UK, China, France, etc.  For almost 70 years, Grazia has remained tuned into the evolution of women's tastes-season after season, style after style and it is now going to grace South Africa the very same way.

Danielle Weakly, Grazia's Editor in Chief said in press release, "Grazia has been a game changer in the international magazine market since it began syndication its distinctive brand of fast fashion and news, and I look forward to translating its smart formula into one that is relevant for - and resonates with - our fashion - loving, fingers - on - the - pulse female audience".

I have to say, this by far going to be very interesting; publishing a 60+ pgs gloss magazine weekly and considering the fact that Heat magazine is part of Media24 also a weekly with fashion and celebrity news, but I guess Grazia got it all figured out with their specific demographics for their market.

"The GRAZIA woman", is a globally savvy matured urban professional.  She is stylish, inquisitive, glamorous and dares to be different.  She reads the monthlies, but wants more.  She is your go-to girl for the latest world fashion and celebrity news.  She wants a magazine that offers speed with style, news with shoes, week after week.  Therefore ladies if that is you, do your pretty self a favour and get your first copy of Grazia Magazine on 18 May 2012.

Lastly, I have to say this event was well planned even though the venue was far; they made sure they get the guests there on time with their "luxury coach".  They made a lot of people happy with that open bar (I won't mention names).  From the presentation, the mini fashion show to the actual party; everything was on point.  They even had a lovely "photo booth on wheels", where some of us felt like "cover girls" for a minute (lol).



Below is how the photos came out, the lovely part is that one got their picture immediately after taking it.. 

I was a vintie that evening, I went all gogo-chic (lol)

And you can't have an event without a goodie bag :)

Thanks to Media24 for the invite, we therefore look forward to the actual fashion and new gloss magazine in May.

Forever Fashion Freak,


  1. Big up to Mbali went to school with her! Love her!

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