Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tangerine loving

We have seen so many gorgeous brights these past seasons, many have faded and only a few stayed to be part of your wardrobe staple and the colour ORANGE is one of them or should i say TANGERINE to sound more sophisticated. Winter is approaching and i would suggest you add some splash of colour to our dull wintry days that's upon us.
Below are style inspirations on how to wear the colour so don't freak out if you have not gathered the courage to wear the bright colour just start on a small scale with just accessories.

With all these looks above you must be inspired to wear the hottest colour

Yours in Fashion 
Yolandy Masinga - @MsYols

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  1. hi there, i am new in the blog, and i just want to find out where i can get a pair of the heelless shoes. i am going to attend a wedding, and would so much love to stand out!!!