Friday, March 16, 2012

5-Day Swag featuring Maria Nepembe

Hey guys
Its been quite chilly and wet out i hope you all are keeping warm. Its fashion Friday and will be doing a popular if not the most popular feature on this blog and that's of cause * Drum roll* the 5-Day Swag feature. My apologies for not updating this feature on a regular basis its not everyone that wants to be featured but we promise that we have some interesting and stylish individuals coming up in the following months that you will be infatuated by.

Maria  Nepembe is a bubbly petite 23year old PR Graduate who is also doing a Media and Drama degree and hails from Windhoek, Namibia, is shoe-obsessed....she wouldn't even know the amount of shoes she has but she does know that its more than the clothes she has, owning pairs in all shapes, heights and colours.
Maria says in her own words: " I wouldn't call myself a fashion person but I love beautiful and colour full clothes but love the black and white combo more, I'm not into brands as long as it looks good the price don't matter "

Leather Jacket - New Yorkers 
Top and Pants - Zara
Shoes - Kvoll
Bag - Boutique in Germany
Watch - Empirio Armani


Shirt - Vintage
Dress - Orientals 
Pumps - Mr Price 
Hat - JayJays 
Bag - Mr Price
Watch - Tempo 

" My fashion icon is Kim K totally love her style, she is gorgeous and rocks what she wears..i also love Rhianna's style * when not tooo crazy* She makes the impossible possible. You look at her herself and say to myself i would have never put those items together "

Vest - Suttafords
Skirt - Mr Price
Pink Shirt - Orientals
Shoes - Zoom 
Bag - Polo 

 Vest - Edgars
Shirt - Mr Price 
Jacket - H&M
Watch - Guess
Wedges - Zoom 
Bag - Orientals

LOOK 5  
 Blazer - H&M
Dress - Madonna 
Glasses - Mr Price 
Wedges - Orientals
Bag - Gift

" I'm mostly in jeans and tops when at varsity but bring it when out having fun. I believe in wearing the clothes and not the clothes wearing me. i wear  clothes compliment my petite body and shape and also bring out my light brown hazel-ish eyes lol "

What did you think of her style, are you stylish or would like to nominate someone please do not hesitate to contact us on

Have a lovely weekend 

Yours in fashion 
Yolandy Masinga


  1. love her style, does she have a blog?

  2. Wow this is very fascinating. I must say i love the colour combo.

  3. Hot Hot Hot...

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  6. Love your style but not your look

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  8. I simply love her
    ma mentor