Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Behind The Scenes: #FashionConvo with Woolworths Modern Winter'14

This has to be the highlight of my 2014 to date. Earlier this month I was in Cape Town, to take part in this awesome campaign, its called #FashionConvo for Woolworths' Modern Winter '14. "#FashionConvo is all about encouraging the conversation around fashion, making it fun and enabling everyone to get involved." This is a campaign that speaks to me, for starters I love fashion and I absolutely love the conversation around fashion. Therefore it is only natural that I be a part of it, yes?...YES!  If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter you will know about my #FashionFridayConvo, all inspired by this collaboration with Woolies. Every Friday I pick a topic related to fashion.. duurr... And I urge my followers to get involved and keep the #FashionConvo alive.

Six girls were chosen by Woolies to be a part of the campaign; Pearl Modiadie, Minnie Dlamini, Neo Leoka, Shannon Phillips, Angelique and of course ME!!! We had a two day shoot for a TV commercial and still images. We were working with an amazing team of local and international professionals, who made all the girls feel very comfortable and that certainly helped with my pre-shoot nerves. 

The campaign launches in April 2014  and I cannot wait for everyone to see it. Its fun, happy, trendy, playful, exciting, and totally aaaaaahmazing... oooh and did I mention how fabulous the clothes are? OMG!!! This Modern collection is to die-for, from the wide selection of leggings to the beautifully cut leather jackets... Loooove!!!

A big shout out to the real stars of this campaign,  Woolworths' Fashion Writer, Alex Van Tonder, the Art Director, Micheal Carter, Creative Director Fred Benistant and VC and Annie of Big Sky ProductionsThank you so much for choosing me to be a part of the Woolies family.

Ok..Ok... Let me not bore you any further with the yada yada.... Check out my behind the scenes pics below....



After the shoot wrapped we were treated to some sushi and champers... Jealous much? ... Its ok, I'd also would be if I were you... lol... Just kidding.


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Melody Molale
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  1. Looks like FUN was had, cannot wait for April. I love your style.

  2. Oh my god, congratulations! This is such an amazing oppurtunity and I can't wait to see how it all pans out for you. I remember being completely green over your high fashion tea and, of course, you'd only have something bigger and better to follow.
    Glitter Daiquiri