Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cosmopolitan and Brutal Fruit pick SA's Sexiest Men for 2014

Last week Wednesday I attended the Cosmopolitan Sexiest SA Men 2014 event (in association with Brutal Fruit, Mango-Goji) ... and no, I didn't attend because there were tons of sexy men walking around shirtless all night  but because yours truly was the appointed Brutal Fruit Fashion Police for the night, alongside Lu Africa. 

The event was amazing, very well organised and the ambiance was great, it was a bit of a Top Billing fest thou. Bonang Matheba was the host, she did a fabulous job and looked stunning in a pink Gert Johan Coetzee number. Jeannie D was in the crown cheering on her man who was Mr October. Janathan Boynton-Lee who is Bonang and Jeannie's co-presenter on Top Billing was crowned Cosmopolitan sexiest man for 2014 (See what i mean, lol)

Anyways back to the fashion, we scouted the room for amazing fashion and I have to say we were very impressed. Everyone came prepared for us, which made our job far to easy. It was a fun night of fashion, sexy men and good music. My kind of party lol.... Thank You Brutal Fruit and Cosmopolitan SA for the amazing night.


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