Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Trend Alert: Body Chains/Body Bling

OMG! I came across such an amazing trend, I loooooooove it!!!!!! I promise you jewellery just got more exciting. Imagine being able to wear your jewellery anywhere you wish on your body. On your legs, shoulders, waist and even arms... Well, now you can!.... I call this "Body Bling" or "Body Chains"as it is widely known. I had seen it before on a couple of runway shows, but I had never really paid much attention to it because I assumed it was part of the showcase presentation. When I recently spotted it on a couple of fashionistas I knew we had a 'keeper'!!! I then went on a drastic hunt to find a body chain locally and by the grace of the Most High, I FOUND it! Found one at Sass Diva for R330. I will do a post on it as soon as I wear it, which will probably be later today because I am beyond excited about this trend.

Accessories complete one's look, they give the final touch to your outfit and this trend does more than that, it gives your ensemble another life. It makes a statement. Its bold and daring, but chic and stylish. It is very easy to pull-off because you wear as you would normal jewellery, except this you would throw over your body. Locally I have not seen it on anybody but international this trend has taken over, it has been spotted on a number of celebrities; Rihanna, Evelyn Lozada and Jessica Sanchez just to name a few. Below are images to illustrate the trend...

This right here is just for my ladies....Holla!!!!!!!!! 


For Fashion Freaks does NOT take credit for any of the pictures. 

Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think of this trend? Would you try it out or not? You can also reach us on our twitter page @FashionFreaksSA. We appreciate your feedback so do hit us up.

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Melody Motha


  1. I would definitely wear it, just to try it but I think its a fad more than anything.

  2. I'm suffering from strong FOMO! I will definitely be rocking it. That's why I follow this blog I never miss out.

  3. Definitly my kinda thing! Loves it

  4. Exqusite pieces. I love, will definately be trying them on me. ;)

  5. has so many beautiful unique body chains! Check them out.

    1. Yes they do. My question is where can I get them? I would like to purchase a couple of them

    2. You can order them straight from their website.