Friday, May 11, 2012

Isabel Marant Sneakers

 Hey Fashion Lovers * wink*

I am not a sneaker person and I came across these high-top sneakers awhile  ago and didn't know what to make of it. I don't just jump on trends because they are trending but because I can embrace the trend in every way possible. The Isabel Marant sneakers have been seen everywhere, being a * self-confessed* blog stalker i know that these sneakers are a major big deal in the bloggersphere world and everyones going craze about trying to get a their hands on a pair because they are sold out at most retailers...I kid you not!!
The Sneakers Isabel Marant undoubtedly are a great type of sports shoes offer an abundance of comfort together with support designed for stability together with cushioning which is what you look for in sneakers right??
Still don't know what I am on about remember Beyonce's Love on top music video well she is wearing a pair we on the same page right?

I haven't seen anyone in South Africa wearing these sneakers but I know people inquiring about these sneakers, i am hoping to see these sneakers around so my mind can be changed about know the saying " Too much media can influence your opinion about something"
 Below are celebs overseas that have been seen stomping in Isabel Marant sneakers

Actress Kate Bosworth pairing a maxi skirt with sneakers
Supermodel Joan Smalls on trend wearing denim on denim with Isabel Marant sneakers

Singer Alicia Keys at a basketball game wearing the famous Isabel Marant sneakers 
Miranda Kerr in red and blue sneakers

**Picture credit via google**

Do leave your comments below and tell us what you think about the oh-so-popular Isabel Marant sneakers.

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Yolandy Masinga - @MsYols


  1. it's the concealed wedge heel that makes them so cool. I would love to get my hands on them myself

  2. There's something I don't like about the bulky Velcro strapping. If you don't have a very skinny leg a la miranda Kerr and the other models wearing them they can come across as really chunky and ugly. IMO They're not doing anything for Alicia keys. However river island (in London) have a copy that has laces...that, I could consider. But totes agree with you on not jumping on it just because it's a trend.

  3. Do you know how popular your blog is ?The pictures are so natural and articles are so useful.I will support you .and I expect more

  4. A cool Isabel Marant sneaker will be worn by everyone no matter the gender or age.

  5. Hellooooo where can I get these in South Africa ??

  6. wow, so many stars wear Isabel Marant Sneakers.

  7. Looking for a new pair of wedge shoes is always fun and exciting thing. Women of all ages love them as they are some of the most fashionable and stylsih pieces on the market now.

  8. You can get your hand on some in South Africa at Studio 8 in Hyde Park.

  9. love the black pair that Beyonce wears.

  10. Al the way from New york, I love them shoes