Thursday, May 3, 2012

5-Day-Swag featuring Sibongile Kolisang

Hello Fashion Lovers,

Sing with me now... *Thank God its Fri-i-i-i-day*

Ok let's get straight into business, today's 5-Day-Swag features Sibongile Kolisang (@Bongi_K), a beautiful 1st year student at LISOF ( London International School Of Fashion). In her own words "I am absolutely obsessed with Fashion. I'm hugely interested in the business and marketing side of it. I know it may sound cliché but I eat, live, breath fashion I even study it lol. My ultimate dream is to own a high end clothing boutique in New York City ( lol a girl is allowed to dream right? Yep! ). But I'd like to start off working for a fashion magazine or as a fashion buyer or even get involved the marketing side of business for a large clothing retailer. I'm hugely inspired by Alexandra McQueen. Mainly because when it comes to fashion I'm a sucker for perfection, refinement, eloquence and gaiety; and McQueen designs exude all these qualities." 

Below Sibongile takes us through her five different looks:


Pink Blazer : Zara
White Vest : Legit
White jeans : Mr Price
Bag : Forever New
Shoes : YDE
Neck piece Sass Diva
Watch : Guess


This is my most favourite blazer , 1st saw it at Zara and there wasn't
my size I was soo angry ( lol yes really) so I decide to carry on with
my shopping ,I go into Edgars and guess what I see ?? I died and it
was about a R100 cheaper so I thanked the Fashion Gods haha :p
Blazer : Edgars
Black Vest : Legit
Black Jeans : Sissy Boy
Wedge Suede Boots : YDE
Neck piece : Sass Diva


Coral Blazer : Forever New
Top : Forever New
Jeans : Mr Price.
Shoes : Zoom
Neck piece: Sass Diva
Bag : Forever New.


Peter pan collar Blouse : Edgars
Leather pants : Cotton on
Clutch : Forever New
Shoes : Aldo


This is probably what I would wear to school very chilled look . Went
with the red lip to match the belt and blazer of cause *
Blazer : Zara
Top : Forever New
Jeans: Forever New
Belt : Edgars
Bag : Forever New
Green Leather Strap : Forever New
Suede Pumps : Queenspark

A huge thank you to Sibongile, we appreciate you taking part in our initiative to showcase the unique styles of young people. If anyone else would also like to be featured please email us on

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  1. i love her style....very chic and so on point

  2. For someone inspired by A. McQueen and studies at LISOF I expected a bit more and style difference. Every girl can pull off pant bottoms and a blazer these days. Kewl colour combos witht the final outfit though.

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  4. Only loved her bags. she looks generic

  5. Sorry but its not worth being featured on this blog its not high fashion or stylish enough, I would have loved it if it was 2009 or 2010 but not 2012

  6. id have to agree with ak her style is very common,i too expected more

  7. I love her use of colours! stunning.

  8. Its a Mess!!! Not high Fashion..

  9. she somehow managed to make every look seem cheap