Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trend Alert: #FunTimesAreGoldTimez

Hello Family

Now... this here post has been sitting in my drafts for the past 3months maybe even longer, I had the longest writers-block ever on this...Anyways today its going up, come what may... hehehehe...
I love accessories, I think they are the one thing we find ourselves buying almost every month. They just have a way of bringing an outfit to life, they give it that final touch. I have all kinds of accessories in my lifetime, but what I have never bought until a couple of months ago is a "Gold Watch"(Im not really sure why, but i have never)... I've just always walked passed the gold watch section at the store and walked straight to the silver and leather straps watches...BUT today... I AM OBSESSED!!!! I only have one and I abuse it. I wear it EVERYDAY.... I'm even wearing it right now.... 

Look! See!? ------>

Me: spotting my gold watch today :-)  #HappyTimesAreGoodTimez ... hehehe!

Yolandy is also rocking hers today, she also shares the same sentiments as me when it comes to the coolness of this trend.
How hotttt?!?

Different ways of how to rock your gold watch:

Go get yourself a gold watch if you don't already own one.

Melody Motha-Molale

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