Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Latest "IT Bag" ----> The Celine " Boston " Bag

Hey Fashion Lovers (",)

Meet my new bag crush...the Celine structured leather Boston bag.  I have been coveting this bag for awhile now which is designed by Phoebe Philo who is famous for the  "the Paddington"  Chloe bag * the one with the big lock* remember that?
The Boston Bag is the lastest " IT "  bag and just like all "IT" bags it costs a fortune...pricing at $ 1 450 - $ 2 800 and with the longest waiting list ever after Hermes of cause. The thing i love most about is that its big enough to throw anything in from your Macbook to a pair of flats and it will still keep its shape..how MAY-JAH???
It comes in different sizes, patterns and colours...see for yourself

I think im becoming obsessed with the "Boston" Bag and im crossing fingers someone out there will get it for me since im putting it on my #ChristmasWishList.


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