Tuesday, October 11, 2011

5-Day Swag featuring Mr Vuittots

This week we introduce you to a local trendsetter  ------>> Thatiso Dube....known to the mass as  "Vuittots" Or "Tots" from Mamelodi, Pretoria...he is a Designer & Creator Of Hi_End Street Brand "GALXBOY" and a dj when he feels like it...he loves fashion he describes his style as " Retarded, Smart and Ambitious "

I personally enjoy mens fashion because creativity is limited, it excites me to observe how outfits are orchestrated and thats the enough reason for me to truly appreciate " Mr Vuittots "  sense of style because he does not stick to the norm. His inspiring blend of high-street, designer labels and vintage  pieces invigorates his looks and thats why i give these pictures two thumbs up...
 *Diesel Shades Which Broke Than I Wrapped The Frames with Rubber Bands,  Got Em In SA, GALXBOY™ Maroon Bowtie, ZARA Shirt Purchased In Rome (gift), MONCLER Jacket Bought It In Hong Kong, Vintage Polo Pants, Louboutin Spiked Sneakers Got Em Online*

* Montreal NuEra Snapback Got It In HongKong, White GALXBOY™ 1 of 1 Pocket V Neck, 595 Skinny Jeans From Korea, Ice White HiTops - Lacoste, Vintage Jewelry - (Moms)Belt - Gucci *

Look 3 - This has to be my favourite look..i absolutely LOVE the blazer, he looks dapper in this shot.

* ZARA plush blazer (Rome), Navy GALXBOY™ 1 of 1 Pocket V Neck, 595 Skinny Jeans - Korea, Ice White HiTops - Lacotse *

* GALXBOY™ SnapBach™ Snapback Hat, Diesel Frames, Navy GALXBOY™ 1 of 1 Pocket V Neck, Dsqaured Jeans, Grey Supega Low Top Sneaks*

* YSL Shirt, Ackermans School Jersey, Tie From Tie Stop, Gucci Belt, V_King Jeans, G-Shock Watch, Lacoste HiTop Sneaks, No Name Shades *

Kudos to Mr Vuittots for being the trendsetter that he his, hope these outfits inspired our readers..

Yours in Fashion 
   Yolandy Masinga :)


  1. give me tht blazer! :-) PLEASE!!!

  2. Love your work @MsYols i always look forward to ur posts and love this weeks #5Day Swag....
    Keep up the good work ladies :)

    The Fan

    P.S can we have more posts about your hair Melody and "what to wear this Summer" thanks :)

  3. thats my boi... sho Handro!!!