Thursday, May 9, 2013

Trending: Pom Poms

Fashion lovers how you doing?

 Did you all love the fashion at the MET Gala that took place on Monday, who was your best dressed, please check out our instagram page to see pics of who wore what.

The pom pom trend has caught my eye and I'm loving it because I believe an accessory always makes an outfit look major HAUTE adding that distinctive touch and with an over-sized pom pom you will never go wrong. I spotted Mira Duma  recently at this season's Spring 2013 Couture shows, loved every outfit but what stood out to me was the pom poms she she had on her coats and I knew instantly that its gonna be a trend that will follow but most important I thought it was a  very fashionable and cute way to accessorize your winter coats and beanies adding some glamour, and a playfull edge.

As I did my research I learned that the particular  fur pom pom is actually a brooch from Russian designer Viva Vox fall 2012 collection which were feature on the front and shoulders of coats.

So all we accessorising our coats this winter with some over-sized pom pom or something unique like that to add a playful edge even if its a DIY ? Please comment below and let me know what you think of this trend

Yours in Fashion
@MsYols - Yolandy Masinga 



  2. I started reading this blog from a feature on Tanya Mwamwetta then moved towards the new posts. I kept on pressing 'new posts' and was worried this was the last. I hope you post more coz some of us come here for our fashion fix. More 5 Days swagg please, I enjoy them. Thank you for an awesome blog. I'm a new blogger myself. I'd feel honoured to see a comment from you at times.


  3. I love the brown coat with the color white and black pom poms. It is so perfect.

    granton world

  4. ok i dont really get it except on the shoes though i reckon it would feel as though some stray cat is following you around

  5. Who doesn’t love a good pom pom? It’s fantastic to see how versatile this trend is. From dresses and coats to headbands and shoes, there are so many ways to test out this fabulous trend. Rock it in a radiant color to make a bold impression.