Monday, April 23, 2012

We like to party....

Hey everyone 
I hope everyone had a safe weekend...I'm still hanging from the weekend hence the slow Monday i have had. On Saturday I made my way to Melody's surprise party that her hubby and best friend Fundi threw for her, I still don't know how they both kept it from her because she had NO idea and it was indeed a success of a  surprise...we tricked her...Mission Accomplished!!!

The chef, who happens to be Mel's brother  out did himself with a gourmet meal that could have won him a spot on the next "Braai Master" I could not get enough of the succulent lamb chops...It was an intimate do but a little too crazy, thanks to the champers that was on tap the whole night and of cause the patron shots..." God bless the women who can hold patron"
Miss Party Melody
Cake..Cake..Cake was the most just the best way to describe the way Mel loves her Mac makeup and designer handbags

Fundi looked dashing in her black ensemble and her ankle spiked boots were a major hit.

Sisi looked very fashion forward in her monochromatic look

Fezo added some bright colour with a hints of leopard print
Jerri looked dapper in a tee and jeans, the added detachable collar and arm candy gave the look more edge.
Melody hit it out the park with a sequin black and gold shorts paired with a black long sleeved shirt and   Christian " Lady Daf" Louboutins

I tried the ballerina bun after years of always rocking it in high school and must say i felt quite young again hahaha

Overall a super awesome night to remember filled with lots of laughs and dancing....have to give props to Fundi for the party and wishing Melody many more blessings as she is a year wiser

Yours in Fashion
Yolandy Masinga - @MsYols


  1. I DIE for Melody's outfit *screams* and most def going for Yolandy's hairdo...Love you girls and please have more birthdays so we can get more style posts...
    oh fundi's boots...HOTT

  2. Wouldn't have done it without her Hubby, lucky girl! Glad every1 had fun!

  3. I want a cup cake, the Chanel one please... Thanx.

    So happy MelMo enjoyed her sweet bday.

    @Fundi you also played a part so well done to you too, I will hire you to organise mine next year lol.

    I think everybody looked stylish and beautiful :)