Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Monochromatic Fashion

Hello fashionistas :)

What is monochromatic fashion? Well I remember the first time I heard this word, I was like "chromo-what?" It’s a mouthful but it explains the trend perfectly. Monochromatic in fashion terms is wearing an outfit comprised of only one colour; it can be of the same shade or different shades, the idea is to keep the shades in the same hue. It can be bright colours, dark colours, it can even be nude colours. It all depends on what colour you choose to go with. There are no limitations. When done correctly a monochromatic outfit can look both stylish and fashion-forward. 

Here are some tips on how to pull off this look:

#DO mix colours of the same hue. Seen above a contrast of blue jeans paired with a navy blue shirt and a sky blue blazer.

#DO mix and match different textures. Pair cotton, wool and denim together for those cold winter days.
#DON'T use colour palettes that are to close to your skin tone.

Nudes can look very nice when done correctly.

#DO use accessories to give your look more texture.

#DON'T be afraid to experiment with bold colour palettes. Think outside the box and push the boundaries.

#DO play off formal items with casual items.
Black is probably the easiest colour to try the monochromatic look with. Everybody knows "You can never go wrong with black" my motto.

If you are not brave enough for the monochromatic look, #DO try it out first with a pair of denim jeans and the colour palette of your choice, and get yourself used to the idea first.

Looks for men:

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  1. on point Mel!:)

  2. suppppppppeerrrrrr fashionable..... similar to my blog #hides... overall, its perfect...

  3. Such a brave trend! Love it! Now you know I will abuse it..... *hangs head in shame*

  4. Beautiful classic trend it could go completely right or wrong. But done right, AMAZING #AmOnIt

  5. This post was very helpful! Will be giving this look a try soon...