Friday, January 13, 2012

Swag for dayzzz with Jerri Mokgofe

Hey fabulous readers

Its that time of the week again...Fashion Friday *whoop whoop* and we all gotta shake our tits for this weeks featured....a massive around of applause for  the FEROCIOUS BEAST Jerri Mokgofe.
Jerri is a South African fashion blogger and stylist best known for working with celebrities, fashion houses, modeling agencies, advertising agencies, and magazine editors. Before moving in to consultancy and freelance styling he paid his dues in the corporate world for a number of years which enhanced his skills and experience to a paramount pedigree. He has worked with international and local renowned brands as the fashion public relations officer.  
Although Jerri  works with high-profile clients and has a very bold fashion sense, he does not have any formal fashion training; but rather has Bachelors in Business Administration Degree (Marketing Management) attained through the Graduate School of Marketing (IMM). Due to strong academic background and corporate experience, Jerri’s specialities are not only limited to fashion styling, as he is also a skilled marketing, PR and Communications consultant. 
He went freelance, giving him the opportunity to meet and work with some high-profile clients. As a stylist, he had the opportunity to work on various projects that requires someone with an eagle eye when it comes to immaculate styling and sheer aesthetics....enough yadda yadda and lets get on with the show as the trendsetter takes us through each look.
Look 1 
" This is a "Young Executive" tired safe look. I might have spiced it up with accessories and opted for a pair of Converse sneakers instead of a pair of smart dress shoe but it still remains unchallenging and everyone can pull it off and pretty much it has lost its novelty (well, that’s if it ever had)." 

Optics Frame - I choose to see my world through  TOM FORD's eyes, nothing less.

Light knitwear Jersey - W Collection by Woolworths

White Basic Button down Shirt - Woolworths

Black Skinny Textured Tie - Cignal by Markham

Two Button Slim Fit Tailored Blazer - I picked this up somewhere Down Town Jozi

Well Engineered Slim Fit Cut Chinos - W Collection by Woolworths

Black Ox All Stars - Converse

Look 2
" I have a weakness for high waisted pants, they fun and you can always play around with them. They add a certain zest to a look. They are daring and possess the power to delicately and elegantly whispers volumes of positive nods. "
Oversized Neon Pink Scarf - Jerri Mokgofe Accessories Collection
Horizontal Stripped Vest - Jay Jays
High Waisted Black Linen Slacks - Cut Rite
Lace Up Dress Shoes - Trenery
Turquoise Stone Skull Bracelets - Jerri Mokgofe Accessories Collection
Love Double Finger Ring - Jay Jays
White Wrist Watch - ICE Watches
Alligator Textured Plaited Buffalo Leather Shopper Bag - ZARA

Look 3 

Multi coloured Leopard print Vest - Jay Jays
Meticulously Structured Linen High Waisted Slacks - I got these from a fabulous friend Kelly Fung. They are by far one of my favourite items in my closet, the details on these pants is ridiculous, I doubt they still make them like this anymore!
Turqoiuse Stone Skull Bracelets - Jerri Mokgofe Accessories Collection
Sling Soft Leather Bag - I scored from my aunt
Espadrilles - Mr Price

 Look 4
" Unapologetic and self assured. Think a look you can simply rock at Coachella or other fierce music festivals and concerts! "

Black Fedora - Cutrite
Checked Button Down Shirt - Dickies
Leather Skinny Belt - Trenery
Big Heart Pendent Neck Piece - Jay Jays
Dramatic Zoe Bracelet - Jerri Mokgofe it’s from my accessories collection. I made the super heavy 1M long bracelent and named it after a good friend of mine Zoe Aspara (she knows the story as to why)
Electric Blue Chrochet Sleeveless Jersey - This was made for me by my Gran when I was 5years old and it is still en vogue up to date.
Blair Cheeky Short-Shorts - These are actually a long pair of pants I got from one of my best friends Blair (R.I.P) when we were in Grade 11.  I had a sweater she loved she had a pair of pants I loved, a batter deal occurred. Because I was taller than her the pants were not my length so I have long rolled them up and worn them as short-shorts. They have a huge sentimental value to me and every time I am clad in them I feel Blair's presence from above and as if she is smiling down on me and cheering me on in life
Cow Boy Boots - Ed Hardy Yes, fashion is fickle some might cringe at the sight of me wearing this brand as it has now recently become synonymous with "douchebag" the "douche brand" as they now call it. These boots were made for walking and many more. Christine Audigier is a genius for these creations nothing more refreshing and edgy!

 Look 5
" I love this look reminds me of Junya Watanabe Spring '12 collection. Dungarees are so much fun, nostalgic and boyish. Super Mario anyone?"

Poor Boy Cap - Cutrite
Scarf - Meltz
White Basic Button Down Shirt - Woolworths
Messenger Bag - Country Road
Dungarees - Samson
Chuck Taylor All Star Slim - Converse

Look 6
" You can opt for a pair of dressy brogues or a pair of Havainas. Former  look is more Jozi and the latter is more Cape Tonian elements."
 Farm boy Cap - I got somewhere
White Basic Button Down Shirt - Woolworths
Red Skinny Tie - Cignal by Markham
Grey Melange Light Knit wear Jersey - W Collection by Woolworths
Black Engineered Slim Fit Cut Chinos - W Collection by Woolworths
Messenger Bag - Country Road

 Wow...Jerri dished in on a voguish platter and we truly appreciate his STYLE, what is your opinion? If you can get over him check out his blog you will most def enjoy the read.

Safe and wonderful weekend