Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sky-High Hair Buns

We all have major bad hair days if not then you clearly rocking a bald look and must be happy you do not go through such horror.
We must really say a little prayer for trends like these because it literally only takes 2seconds hahaha ok not 2seconds but less then 5minutes to do and its always been trending on the red carpet and runways..year after year and the best thing is that you can still look super chic without any effort at all. Forget hairdressers, straighteners,sprays,or serums and its the easiest to do and do not worry about it looking to neat, even messy it still looks elegant.

Lets see who brought out their inner ballerina below:
Singer Ashanti rocking showstopper earings with her super high bun
 STEP: 1
Start when your hair is mostly damp, this will allow for you to slick it back easier (can be done on dry hair as well, but those with thicker hair may want to make sure it is wet or damp for maximum hold)
Apply a product Olive Oil Gel for hold, then pull your hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head that’s tight enough for all hair to stay secured.
Use a styling product to smooth down any edges or stray hairs near your hairline. If you find yourself getting “bagginess” at the nape of your neck, look up towards the ceiling when securing your ponytail, this will make sure it is very tight.
Take the hair in the ponytail and wrap it around in a circle until you have a nice-sized bun on the top of your head, then insert your hair pins to keep the bun in place. If you are using a hair piece for the high bun, simply make sure all the hair is secured together, wrap the hair around the ponytail you made with your real hair, and use extra pins to secure the fake hair.

Melody Thornton

 The beautiful Sisi Bucibo looking chic in an all natural top-knot
The gorgeous Kim Kardashian looks PERFECT and ELEGANT in a neat ballerina bun

 Below are outfit inspirations you can rock with your Super Sky-High Bun:


Have a wonderful evening ;)
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  1. Sisi looking gorg... Kim 1st pic, a bit too much make up....