Tuesday, June 3, 2014

CFDA FASHION ICON OF THE YEAR: Rihanna! Rihanna! Rihanna!

Listen! It was never a secret that Rihanna would receive the 2014 Fashion Icon Of The Year award at last night's CFDA Fashion Awards, we even knew that Anna Wintour would be doing the hand-over. The cat had been out of the bag for weeks, however what was a secret is what BadGalRiri would be wearing. The anticipation had all fashion lovers wondering what the fashion icon would come looking like... WELL... I can safely say we were all NEVER READY for this Adam Selman mesh number, covered in over 200 000 Swarovski crystal it left very little to the imagination. 

"We definitely wanted to make it a little bit scandalous. The dress is just fishnet and crystals and a couple of fingers crossed. But fashion is about beauty, and the (female) body is part of that" Selman said to Style.com. And scandalousooo it was, without a shadow of a doubt. Her entire body was on display, breasts, nipples, ass, well of coarse not her flower but most of her was out...lol! 

My thoughts: Look!... Rihanna has a banging body, if she wants to walk around naked reminding us what we will never look like and how almost perfect her body is, she is more than welcome. This is fashion though, taking risks and giving people something to talk about. I love it. Even though the gown is sheer on steroids, somehow it still looks classy and sophisticated on her. Unlike if someone like Lil Kim had worn it hahaha... (Lil Kim fans don't come for me)

See for yourself...

Fashion Lover,
Melody Molale

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  1. To me it seemed like the CFDA was acknowledging what was common knowledge in the fashion world. Sheer lingerie (or body) revealing couture been in vogue more than ever. In addition to having her breasts and nipples clearly visible beneath that beautiful sheer gown, the lower portion of the beige thong that Rihanna wore wasn't even visible. Her entire bottom was on display as well as her nipples.
    I am very heartened that publications around the world went ahead and published the photos. I only wish that what I perceive as sex discrimination in modeling and reviewing lingerie could be totally eliminated. It hurts me that the YouTube video I embedded in my lingerie review post titled: "Outfit Post and Review: Hanes Her Way Women's Nylon Brief Panties" in which I was wearing a full coverage pair of fully opaque briefs is marked as possibly "inappropriate" for some viewers when they try to view it on YouTube.
    I loved Rihanna's gown, love that she won the Fashion Icon Award and got the publicity. Now if we could only eliminate some of the sex discrimination wherein Facebook censors womens' nipples but not mens' and I get censored in opaque full coverage briefs while women can show their bare bottoms that would be another huge plus.
    Kudos to Rihanna, the designer Adam Selman, the CFDA and the media for the excellent coverage of Rihanna's Award.