Monday, July 15, 2013

High Tee Designs

Hi Fashion lover,

It has been forever since I last blogged, hope you guys have not been missing me much... So what got me out of blog-hiding you ask!?!... *drumroll*... Our t-shirt collaboration with the amazing According To Jerri, called High Tee Designs *moonwalks around the house* lol. You might have seen or heard about these fabulous print t-shirts, if not, where have you been living?? 

High Tee Designs brings you all the t-shirts that you see on overseas blogs that you wish you could own but have no idea how to get a hold of them. Well, your prayers have been answered. Most of our tees are designs that have been shared around the blog community and some of them are original ideas that you have never seen before.

Our collaboration is ongoing, lots of exciting collections to still come out of High Tee Designs. Be on the look out.

To get yourself a tee please email us at

Check them out:

My personal fav of our first collation has been the Chanel-drip worn here by the gorgeous Shashi Naidoo.

Our Designs:

Which one is your fav? Let us now.

Melody Molale
Twitter: @melody_motha
Instagram: @ilovemelmo


  1. i love love love this idea, i will reblog asap.How much are these tees.

  2. Very interesting and useful blog.Love your first Tee!

  3. Hi Mel I placed an order a week ago hope to get reply


  4. Hi Melody, I've made a payment and emailed unfortunately haven't received any reply. Please respond. Thank you.


  5. the quit your 9-5 job.
    greetings from kenya,check out my blog.we can follow each other if you like

  6. how do i buy one of these