Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Style Muse - Mboko Ndima Mobutu

Hello there...... how is everyone doing? 
Just the other day I was asked to blog more on mens fashion and decided we will  balance it out from now so the men can also be inspired just hope they take notes.

I honestly do not know why it took me ages to blog about his dapper style but hey here it is.
With being a regular on street style  blogs I stumbled  across Mboko Ndima Mobutu, it seems his pictures are cropping up on nearly every menswear blog. 
23 year- old Paris-based contributing stylist/editor for monthly french magazine Be ( Lagardere), menswear fashion editor for online monthly publication Ghubar...such a mouthfull for a young one, how inspiring 
He discribes his style as " playfull, refined and gentlemen-like" and protrays exactly that  in every outfit,  truly owning it everytime you come across him.
What I love about his polished style is that its never dull or monotonous and his attention to detail is immaculate. Its quite obvious that he has a fetish for accessories with those colourful socks,penny loafers to modern oxford lace shoes, signature clear glasses, wide brim stretson hats, stacked bracelets/watches,  and always having a fabulous tote/portfolio to carry. you must understand that being well dressed takes time and effort, ist a natural gift to Moboko as he always looks effortless.

** Picture Credit: Stockholm Streetstyle, Tumblr and GQ**

So I hope our male readers have taken  pointers or were inspired by Moboko Ndima Mobutu style and would love to hear what you think of his style so please  comment.

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