Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Big hair I don't care...

Hey there
Its finally Spring time and with a new season its obviously a must to rock a new hair-do. I've been constantly thinking about what to do with my hair and its getting to a point where its stressing me out. The weird and wonderful thing about this is that I am leaning towards growing a afro…..well the thought having this big bouncy kinky beautiful natural hair is what I am slightly becoming obsessed with, not the actual growing of it. Im at a stage where my hair is just a bore and so is the weave....but doing the " big chop" is something that I am dreading to do.

Below are pictures of what has been inspiring the knots and coil,what are yours

Lets be honest there is something undeniable beautiful about the the afro....crossing fingers that i will not chicken out and do the " big chop" 

Lovely evening to you all
Yours in fashion
Yolandy Masinga - @MsYols


  1. can u plz update ur fashion blog more frequently cz i love gttin ideas nd knwing the latest tends...bt still love the blog

  2. hi ms yols.firstly i love your blog coming to the afro i have an afro myself for like 6 years now.its beautiful and versetile as well cause you can rock a weave underneath it,plait it or do whatever with it.goodluck if you decide to do it

  3. Hi Melody and yols. I'm starting a fashion business (shoes, bags, blazers and dresses) small scale in th initial stages. I would like to how case my stuff on your blag. Can you please post your email address so that I can find out the procedure. Thanx :-)

    1. What's your website? How do customers get hold of u?

  4. You CANNOT chicken out, Im joining you!!

  5. My mother-in-law has hair like this and people want to touch it all the time!