Saturday, September 3, 2011


Hello my fashion-loving-gorgeous-looking freaks :)

I went out to lunch with my husband this afternoon and this is what I wore. Kwaaaa when he first saw my waist-belt he said it was misplaced, gave him the side-eye and then he said its ((((BEAUTIFUL)))) hahaha MEN...SMH!

Blouse: Forever New
Jeans: Diesel
Waist-Belt: Forever New
Shoes: Socrati
Aviators: Ray-Ban

Melody Mo:)


  1. STUNNING!!!!I die!!!

  2. you know, what I love about you is.

    Not the fact that the clothes look good on you,

    I love you because you are well groomed.

    you can wear a pair of jeans, white tee and heels and you will be red carpet ready.

    you have that clean look

    loves it and love the blog

  3. My word! where do I star.. okey your bag! super uber! your top! toooo die for and please give that belt to me *puppy eyes* loving you stax! mwah

  4. wow i like the your colour mixture!!! you bag is amazing n the shoes is matching with your belt "beautiful!!you always know how to pick colours girl:) like it