Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Women's Day Fashion-Braai♥

In celebration of Women's Day, we decided to get together as friends and ladies and have a braai. And ofcause in celebration of fashion we called it a "Fashion Braai" Yip we did... The point was for us to dress-up, look pretty, eat, gossip, dance, take pics, and enjoy each other's company nje...and we did just that. . . .
Welcome drinks, champers, strawberries and cherries...

Lerato was the hostess with the mostest! She even braai'd for us, in her with jeans nogal, is that not love? I mean really!
Yols and Fundz! Hahaha! Twins cute?...hahahahaha....
Ok! They had different bottoms!..*group hug*

Mbalz making igreen salad at that time...Looking cute in her shorts and stripped jacket...

Lesego hlanganising her black vintage blouse with white prints... 
Lefase hooked up the pap, was it not too AAH-MAZING...lawwd!!!
Sisi aka "Nibbles" aaauuuwww.... Chopping igreen-pepper f igravy or.... sexyness personified right hurrr!

Ok I know this pic doesn't look right, its as thou me I'm proper posing with other kids are being domesticated right? And that's not true, I was hard at work the whole day, just no one thought of taking a pic of me during that time... #TrueStory #Thanks.Cheers.Bye

Yols...hard at her accessories thou....

Malebz also doing best.... rata that top thle!

Koyo and Mbalz!!! Hahahhahaha #FunTimes

Lefase #Winnin.... hehehehehe! #Clubblocking *inside joke*

Cindy looking tooo freeeessssshhhhh **love the jacket and the leopard print jumpsuit**....And she makes the meanest prawns ever!Tjeses!

Kutlwano came out guns blazing! Gorgeous chomi! Tlisa daai top asseblief!

Ayanda brought us ribs and someone eated them all*Chinese guy voice*

Hahahahaha! Photo shoot moment... (((((BOOM)))))

Iko and Koyo....

How gorgeous are these mami's ....

Yols and Iko...

Kutlwano and Cindy....



Love this pic....

Aaaaaaaaaah *heart*




That's All Folks...
Later :)
Melody Mo*


  1. LOOOOOVE the outfits, especially Kutlwano's nd urs Melody, that dress. OHH! and who's place is it, looks good too.
    Keep the sista love strong, CIAO!!

  2. That was awesome, Now I know why Beyonce say WHO RUN THE WORLD

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