Monday, May 23, 2011


Let me guess, you prolly thought we wouldn't hit you with a lil something about the SAMA's right,eeerrr you thought wrong. So i attended the SAMAS on Saturday the 22nd of May, well im not gonna talk much about the disorganization of the event blah blah. That is not our job, our job is to tell you who wore what and how, right? Right! I thank you, as you were.

Can i please take a moment to laugh before i go on, hahahahahahahahahaha *flashback*...Thank you! The yellow carpet is always filled with laughter guys i promise, the outfits i witnessed this weekend, wow. But unfortunately or should i say fortunately we don't diss people's swag on this blog, we do not speak about people on negative light. Putting people down is not our forte. Anywhooo enough of the emotional yada yada lets get into it....

Pictures by: Veli Nhlapho

Koyo and Zikhona Sodlaka rocking one of my fav look for the evening. 

Uyanda Mbuli in DFC, with Penny Lebyane in a white flower print dress.

Lee-Anne in a one shoulder gown. #Stunning.

Ntombi, Bheki and Linah Ngcobo in matching gold outfits.

Ntsiki Mazwai and PJ Powers.

#Quit!!! Kenny Kunene.

Danny K and partner, now you can never go wrong with this look, well tailored black suit, white fitted shirt and a black slim tie. DONE!! Classic!!

Poppy from 5fm, in a grey dress with gold detailing. I actually like this dress. It suits her, she looked really good.

Boys were also out there in their best gears I tell you...Omen, Howza, Selwyn and Mpho.

Khanyi Mbau rocking the tux look. I love this look on the red (in this case yellow) carpet. A bit risky but she pulled it off.

Khanyi Mbau, not sure about the pointy shoes, but we love this look.

Louise Carver looking stunning a Gert-Johan Coetzee boob-tube mini-dress.

Don't you feel like Zakhes Bantwini is always wearing the same outfit? I know he's not but you know what i mean.

And DJ C'ndo.
*Closes curtain.....*

Ta Ta For Now


  1. So we love Khanyi's look, to think that one of us almost rocked that swag - minus the shoes of course ** hides**. But this swag is on point!

    Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny.......WHY!

    I know wat you mean about Zakes, but that's like me with black dresses, but then again I ain't famous! LOL......

    Moment of silence for Lee-ann's dress! I LOVE!! Best dressed nominee......

    Sorry but aki sure ka the matching gold outfits.....but hey it worked for them!

  2. Tjo the Ngcobo's and tehri matching Gold outfits ??????!!!!!???TJO i just cant dzeal but hey ...I wont say much coz honestly I believe the outfits spoke for themselves. outfit minus the shoes.I like that she's toned down from her usual crazy antics.AND...the botox is working wonders.Big up to her cosmetic surgeon.

    penny lebyane used to be such a style icon in SA hey...has she like ....gotten over looking hot or something?

    Uyanda Mbuli...When i grow up I wana be like her...ageless beauty,class and style.AMAZING,never disappoints hey.

    DJ Cndo...I dont know why u guys put a pic of her here...who is she?So not relevant for a fashion blog like WOW,she didnt even try hey.

  3. OMGwasshhh Umam Linah Ngcobo WHAt is she wearing seriously!!! Khanyi Mbau opted to hire a tux coz there was no budget...